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Bible Study Classes

Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Genesis, Part 2.  The accounts in Genesis, such as the creation, the flood, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, are well-known.  This class will identify the lessons these stories convey and will apply these lessons to us as Christians in 21st Century America.  Although we will not attempt to analyze in full all 50 chapters of Genesis, we will focus on the eternal principles behind the narrative.  Class book: Genesis and Us by Jim McGuiggan [condensed version].  Teacher: Ray McClendon.  Room 12.

Luke, Part 2. As the only Gentile writer of the New Testament, Luke emphasizes the universal application of message of Jesus.  His “orderly account” includes more historical detail and more parables than any other Gospel. This two-quarter textual study will trace Luke’s narrative and consider the unique perspective he gives on the life of Christ.  Class book: Good News for All by Tom Tignor.  Teacher: John Wiegand.  Room 13.

Sunday Morning Youth Classes

Ages 1-2 Nursey Agnes Yartey
Ages 3-5 Room 11 Soffia Triplett
Grades 1-3 Room 8 Maria Metzler
Grades 4-6 Room 7 Tine DeMateo/Kelly Trejo
Grades 7-12 Room 9 Pier Dutcher V

Wednesday Evening Adult Class

Achieving Spiritual Growth.  How does a Christian grow from a faith that is stated to a faith that is lived?  What does Scripture say about conditioning our hearts and minds for living our daily lives in a manner consistent with Christian commitment? This class is designed for those who, at any stage of their Christian walk, are seeking to bring that walk in closer harmony to the will of God.  We will aim to   build a solid spiritual foundation for life in a decidedly secular age.  Class book:  Pilgrim Heart by Darryl Tippens.  Teacher:  William Yartey.  Room 13.

Wednesday Evening Youth Classes

Ages 1-5 Room 11 Tine DeMateo/Kelly Trejo
Grades 1-3 Room 8 Tine DeMateo/Kelly Trejo
Grades 4-7 Room 7 Tine DeMateo/Kelly Trejo
Grades 8-12 Room 9 John Wiegand

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.

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