In this world, Christians face all kinds of problems.  Some are merely annoying, but others are seriously threatening.  This study of Hebrews offers us encouragement through the ever-present reality of Christ.

Class book: Certain Hope by Gary Holloway

Teacher: William Yartey

Location: Room 2

Evangelizing the Community

How can the church have influence in the community that will result in nonbelievers coming to faith?  This class will help to equip us to attract the type of attention from our community that will ignite interest in Christ.

Class book: Church Inside Out by Timothy Archer

Teacher: Chris Kearney

Location: Room 4

Basic Christianity: Introduction to the New Testament

This class is designed as part of a four-quarter introduction to the Christian faith exclusively for new Christians and those who are interested in learning more about Jesus.  During this quarter, we will focus on the New Testament, especially the ministry of Jesus an the beginnings of the church.

Class book: A Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible by Michael Armour

Teacher: Pier Dutcher V

Location: Room 12

Mandarin/English Class: Core Christianity

This study introduces the Bible and its basis teachings, with an emphasis on Christ and His Church. This class is designed for native Mandarin speakers.

Teacher: David Chen

Location: Hospitality Room

Sunday Morning – Youth

  • Ages 1-2: Lisa Sylvestri
  • Ages 3-5: Carrie Frost
  • Grades 1-2: Amber Dutcher
  • Grades 3-5:  Rachel Grigsby
  • Grades 6-8: Susan Kruse
  • Grades 9-12: David Birdow

Wednesday Evening – Adult


This class considers both God’s forgiveness of sin as well as our need to forgive ourselves and one another.  The lingering effects of guilt, bitterness, rage, and regrets will be considered with practical approaches to eliminating them.

Class book: Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free by Dan Winkler

Teacher: Dave Jenkins

Location: Room 2


This study will examine the history of worship in the Old Testament and in the inter-testamental period, and then focus on the purpose, forms and content of Christian worship.

Class book: When You Come Together by Wendell Willis

Teacher: John Wiegand

Location: Room 4

Wednesday Evening – Youth

  • Ages 1-5: Karina Kearney
  • Grades 1-5: Susan O’Leary
  • Grades 6-12: Chris Kearney