Our Church


Our Purpose:
To glorify God in all that we do and say.

Our Mission:
To encourage, strengthen, and bring to spiritual maturity the current members of Pleasant View and to be intentional about reaching out to those who need to hear about the love of Jesus Christ.

To encourage each Christian to build a strong relationship with God that produces a lifestyle of faith, hope, and love.

To encourage each member to become actively involved in corporate, small group and personal bible studies.
To encourage each member engage in an active, prayer life that is continual, fervent and intimate where one expresses feelings and desires about God, to others and self.
To encourage everyone to be Christ like in values, attitude, and actions.

To build spiritually healthy families within the church and community by ministering to their needs i.e., nuclear, singles, single parents, single again, widows and widowers.

To provide counseling aimed at short termed solutions followed by professional therapy if needed.
To promote positive and enriching experiences where families participate as a “Family” and strengthen their relationships.

To encourage members to build meaningful spiritual relationships based on love and commitment.

To build significant relationships with fellow Christian.
To lead others to Christ by providing tools and encouragement for evangelism.
To provide discipleship training.

Caring for our members and those in the community by being present in their lives like Jesus was present in the lives of those around him.